Waikiki Airport Transfers

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Waikiki Airport Transfers

Kwinana and Rockingham Taxi Services grant a comfortable, economical and stress-free airport transfer from Waikiki to Perth Airport, ensuring passengers get to their destination without any concerns.

We supply a variety of vehicles to fit different types of transportation requirements, from top-of-the-line sedans and SUVs to Taxi Vans.

We provide a selection of payment methods, including cash, EFTPOS, credit/debit cards, online payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal, so you can pay in the way that suits you best.
We also accept payments via Cab Charges and TUSS vouchers.

SurburbAirport DistanceEstimated Cost
Waikiki 60 km$120 to $130
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Map Route Perth Airport to Waikiki

The Distance between Perth Airport and Waikiki is approximately 60 kilometres, and a taxi ride should take around 44 minutes. The cost of the taxi ride is estimated to be between $120 and 130.

Our drivers are not only reliable and experienced, but also provide exceptional customer service while prioritizing your safety. They have extensive knowledge of the route, which guarantees a fast and secure journey to your destination.

Waikiki is a suburb located in the City of Rockingham, Western Australia. It is situated about 40 kilometers south-west of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. The suburb has a rich history and was named after the famous Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Overall, Waikiki is a fantastic suburb that offers a range of recreational, educational, and leisure activities. Its beautiful beaches, scenic parks, and modern amenities make it an ideal location for families, tourists, and locals looking to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of Western Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a taxi from Waikiki to Perth Airport through many different transportation companies. The popular & reliable is Kwinana & Rockingham Taxi Services.

The distance from Waikiki to Perth Airport is 53 kilometers. Our experienced drivers and clean taxis are always available for your smooth ride.

The estimated cost from Waikiki to Perth Airport will depend on the type of transportation you use. If you take a taxi, the cost is likely to be around $125.

The estimated time from Waikiki to Perth Airport is approximately 36 minutes by car, depending on traffic.

Taxis can be paid for in cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments (eg Apple Pay or Google Pay), or PayPal. We also offer a prepaid taxi booking service for a convenient experience.

Kwinana & Rockingham Taxi offers a range of payment options, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and digital payment services.

If you wish to cancel your taxi reservation, please give us a call at +61 042 185 9000 or drop an email to book@kwinanaandrockinghataxi.com.au

Our Charges That Are Affordable.

SurburbAirport DistanceEstimated CostMore info
Baldivis53 km$125Click here
Garden Island67 km$145Click here
Golden Bay69 km$140 to $150Click here
Karnup67 km$130 to $140Click here
Kwinana 44 km$100Click here
Port Kennedy63 km $135Click here
Rockingham 54 km$115 to $125Click here
Singleton70 km$145 to $155Click here
Secret harbour 68 km$145Click here
Waikiki 60 km$120 to $130Click here
Warnbro60 km $130Click here
Wellard45 km $110Click here
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